About us

MEDIMASQUE wants above all to make protective masks, infrared thermometers without contact totally accessible to all professionals: health, trade, food, sales, banking ... No matter the size of your company GE, SMEs, very small businesses ... We understand the urgent need to protect ourselves from COVID-19, and cannot remain indifferent to this current shortage. Today we guarantee you protective masks to European standards and within a delivery period announced when you order to protect your employees and you. Founders of MEDIMASQUE, before this health crisis, we were above all experts in the import and export between China and France. And this for more than 20 years already. We use our close relationships created during the last 20 years of activity as well as all our commercial and human relations skills to provide you quickly and securely with a service that complies with the rules. Our team includes commercial experts, real estate company managers, fashion specialists ... Our desire is quite simply to make ourselves useful during this health crisis. The French state today stands alone to protect its fellow citizens. And we are there to help them in order to best prepare for an exit from confinement which will necessarily be gradual. "Protecting others is also protecting yourself", simple and truthful.